Age vs Appearance

Today, I can’t anymore see my age in the calendar.  Now, I am beginning to get conscious of my age.

I tried to look at my face in the mirror this morning and I realized that I gained a lot.  So, instead of celebrating my birthday, I went to the school stadium and make 10 rounds of jogging. I need to keep myself fit to defeat age.  That was what I was thinking while running.

Just like some showbiz personalities, they go to the gym everyday to maintain their appearances as young as possible.  Some even go to plastic surgeons to help them get rid of those wrinkles.  But that’s expected of them.

I came to realize, after eating my dinner, that the counting of my age can’t be stopped.  However, I can do something to make my appearance younger than my age.  Doing daily exercises and eating the right food would certainly aid me in keeping myself look young.  And I should not forget to thank God for another birthday.

That’s it.  I need to go now and do some push-ups. 🙂

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