B.L.O.G. = Broadcasting Life Online Generously

Today, November 18, 2007, is the launching of my website’s blogs section.  Although I still have other things left undone, I’ve prioritized writing my first blog due to public demand. Hehehe.

First and foremost, what is blog?  Is it an e-diary or something?  Well, my definition of B.L.O.G. is Broadcasting Life Online Generously.  It is the new way of sharing to everyone what you think of life, your daily chores, frustrations, happiness, success, etc..  Anything that comes into your mind or what you feel and you write it online, then it can be considered as a blog.


A lot of people nowadays are into blogging since many companies provide a free venue on the net for people to write and share to the whole world, 24/7.  These bloggers are very generous in giving their history of life and what they think of life to a large audience and critiques.  Bloggers are very confident people who consider blogging as their way of releasing stress, showing emotions and what they have, emphasizing of what they think, and, of course, being noticed.  But whatever would be the bloggers intentions, there will always be a lot of people who will read and wait for the next blog to be broadcasted.  I do not know why but they just love it.

Having a blog section in my personal website will not only make it complete but will surely add spice to it.  My website is about me and my way of broadcasting my life online generously. =)

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