Usability over Brand, from Apple to CdrKing

Do I need it? How often I will use it? Will I benefit from its features? Is it a wise buy? Does it have positive reviews? Those are the questions I usually ask whenever I buy an electronic gadget. I don’t care about the brand or where it is made because I know that each brand has its own advantage over the other. So, I make most of their advantages by making sure that I have all the answers to my questions.

For example the gadgets I have on my desk, as shown in the photo. It can be noticed that those gadgets did not come from one particular brand.

Let’s start with my Apple’s Mac mini CPU. I find it very expensive at $599 but I badly need it for iPhone App development and it has BootCamp feature which allows me to boot to other Operating System such as Windows 7. Aside from that, I love using the Apps, GarageBand and iMovie, which I considered to be the best audio-video editing software. I thank my sister, Agnes, for giving me this as a gift.

Apple’s Mac Mini October 2011 model

To pair with my Mac mini, I have chosen Philips 192EL LED Monitor. It’s $26 cheaper than Samsung LED monitors and compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS.

Since new Mac mini has no optical drive, Samsung SE-S084D external DVD writer at $50 would be best choice. Aside from the fact that is designed by Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology, it is slim and easy to carry especially with my MacBook Air.

And to lessen the wire connections and save space on my desk, a wireless keyboard and mouse would be necessary and Microsoft 3000 version 2 is a good pick at $35 only. It gives comfort to my hand and compatible with Mac OS. Of course, a mouse pad from cdrking is a wise buy since it is cheap and relaxes my wrist.

Mouse pad from CdrKing

Since the time I have these gadgets, I did not encounter any problem while using them. Thus, I can say that when buying gadgets, one should not ask the question “Which brand should I buy?” but rather “How often will I use the gadget?”.

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