Being Single

I’ve already passed half of the average human life span and I am still single. Well, it’s a choice and I am not in a hurry to get married and have kids.

There are advantages and disadvantages when you are single. I would like to enumerate just 3 for each of them. Let me start with disadvantages.

1. Employed singles have to pay more when it comes to income tax.
2. When you reach retirement age, you need a private nurse or someone who will take care of you.
3. If your age is above 30 and you are still single, some might think that you are afraid to commit, hate children, like to be with different partners, or you are gay or lesbian.


1. Some companies would prefer to hire singles to save on benefits.
2. No need to worry if money is not enough.
3. You can buy what you want and go anywhere you like.

Well, whatever be one’s status, be it married or single, the important thing is the person is happy and we should be happy for that person. As of now, I am happy as a bachelor but I am looking forward to have a family of my own this year.

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