Save up to 75% on High Quality Generic Phones

With so many hardworking custom ROM developers nowadays, gadget lovers, especially the middle class ones, don’t need to buy very expensive cellphones from leading brands. There are now a lot of high quality devices made in China and owned by Chinese companies. These Chinese companies manufacture generic phones and sell them worldwide at cheaper price to marketing companies that will provide the branding of the phones.

The materials used by these generic phones are almost the same materials used by Samsung or Apple because materials come from the same suppliers in China. The only advantage of leading brands is the after-sale customer service.


Let’s take for example the Filipino brand, Cherry Mobile. Its phones are generic phones in China and the company just printed the Cherry Mobile logo and then create different model names for each type of generic phones. That is why its phones are way cheaper (at about 50-75% off) than other brands.

The most famous generic phone in the Philippines is the Cherry Mobile Omega HD2 (CM-OHD2) because it is supported by a lot of brilliant Filipino custom ROM developers. Also, CM-OHD2 is considered a high-end phone at a very affordable current price of 7,499 pesos. At a first glance, its white version phone, with flashed Samsung Note 3 custom ROM, looks very much like a Samsung phone (see the photo on the left). Aside from that, the phone can be flashed with MIUI custom ROM so that its display looks like that of iPhone.

With so many high-end generic phones to choose, gadget lovers will always have the option to be satisfied and at the same time save up to 75% of the leading brands’ price.

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