My Dream June Brides

It’s June already and many students in the Philippines are now preparing for the start of the new academic year. It’s also the start of the rainy season and Filipinos, especially those in Visayas and Luzon, are starting to renovate their houses.

But let’s not forget that the month of June is also considered to be the peak season for wedding ceremonies. It’s usually the women who decide to have the wedding in this month and they will then be called June brides.

If I will be asked to marry someone this month and choose a celebrity as my June bride, I’ll surely be having a hard time choosing from my top 5 June brides.

#5. Thalia. She’s a sexy mexican singer and actress. I first saw her in Marimar, a number 1 telenovela TV series in the Philippines way back 1996. She’s so beautiful and sexy that I consider her to be my ultimate crush when I was in college.


#4. Kyoko Fukada. A famous commercial model in Japan. Her angelic face and smile, in a big print Ads poster at Narita’s arrival area, caught my attention while waiting for my baggages. Because I was so crazy about her, during my stay in Japan, her pictures were all over the walls of my room.

Kyoko Fukada

#3. Nadine Samonte. A beautiful Filipina actress and model. She’s my bet during the StarStruck days. Her simple beauty is an assurance that I will not be bored staring at her.

Nadine Samonte

#2. Shakira. An international singer and dancer. The way she sings and dances makes me attracted to her. I even saved her concert videos in my iPhone so I can watch her anytime, anywhere. Her talent, body, and beauty will surely make me a possessive husband.


#1. Song Hye Kyo. A Korean lovable actress in the teledrama, Endless Love (Autumn In My Heart) . She’s my number one dream girl. Her face makes me think of my ideal wife. Her lips and eyes are so irresistible. And her beauty is an assurance that I will be a faithful husband. =)

Song Hye Kyo

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