I am Googleable!

I am into e-commerce and I tend to follow the fengshui thing just like most chinese businessmen do. There are several methods in practicing fengshui and one of them is about using lucky numbers. The numbers 8, 18, and 28 are considered lucky days in the calendar. So whenever I do business or special activities, I would consider those calendar dates.

Today is May 8. So, it’s a lucky day. And I’ve decided to check the google ranking of my personal website, http://www.roydomingo.com/, and see if there’s an improvement. I typed “roy domingo” in the google search and my ranking remained number 1. This rank is the most important thing since there are a lot of Roy Domingo in the world.


The next thing I typed in the google search is “filipino engineer”. To my surprise I am now number 6 in the ranking. Wow! That’s really a milestone for my website and a sign of improvement of my skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I am now googleable!

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