Beware of Fake Doctors

Having a title of an Engineer is an honor that I got from finishing a 5-year engineering course and passing the engineering licensure exam. And being one of the top 20 passers of the 3,000 examinees is considered one of my achievements that I should be proud of since I studied hard to get it.

Any name titles such as doctors (be it MD or PhD) should also be given to those people who really have finished the required courses, passed licensure exams, and have the right knowledge and expertise to practice such titles. It’s so sad nowadays, that there are some people who falsified their diplomas/certificates just to have the title of a doctor and fool others. These fake doctors will certainly cause irreparable damages to others.

A fake medical doctor will make a wrong diagnose of the patients’ sickness and thereby give wrong prescriptions of the medicines which will lead to worsening of the patients’ condition and perhaps will result to death — an irreparable damage to the victims.


A fake PhD holder professor will give wrong knowledge to the students which will infiltrate stupidity to the students’ mind. In effect, the students will have a hard time getting a job and will look stupid to the hiring companies. These fake professors causes the life of the students miserable — another irreparable damage to others’ lives.

These fake medical doctors and fake PhD holder professors should be stopped and be treated like criminals since they make people’s life miserable.

There are ways how to check fake medical doctors and fake PhD holder professors. The most effective one is to check their names in the website of the school or company where they have claimed to have graduated or worked before. You can also search for their publications in the internet. If you can’t find their names, then you are sure that those people are FAKE.

So if you don’t want to look stupid, then don’t be a victim of these fake people.

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