Japan, my first country to visit

Country: JAPAN

  • Date: June 28, 1999 to December 15, 1999
  • Purpose: Toshiba PCB Design Training

I did not expect in my life to visit Japan.   But I think it is my destiny, at age 23, to first witness how it is to live in a first world country and be trained by Japanese engineers in the field of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology.

Toshiba Ome Works, Tokyo

Toshiba Ome Works, located in Tokyo, Japan, is the design center and manufacturing plant of Toshiba’s laptop and hard-disk drive products.  Filipino engineers usually go here for training.  Food, shelter, and training allowance are provided by the company.

My training was focused on Printed Circuit Board design for laptop.  It was hard at first because the software we’re using is in Japanese language.  But I was so happy that our trainer was good.

Fuji-Q Highland, Yamanashi

On August 5, 1999, we went to Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan, that was opened on 2 March 1968.  It is near the base of Mount Fuji.  It has a number of roller coasters which include the famous King of Coaster, Fujiyama.

Fujiyama, 79 meters tall and 130 km/h speed, was opened in 1996 and is the world’s tallest roller coaster as of the moment.

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Tokyo and Yokohama City

On October 11, 1999, we spent the whole day exploring Tokyo and Yokohama City

Mt. Mitake Adventure, Ome City, Tokyo

On November 14, 1999, we went for a 10-kilometer biking to explore the beauty of the temples and waterfalls of Mt. Mitake.

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