Category: Graphic Design

These are the graphic designs I have made as requested by my clients, both international and local.

I have designed:
– Logos and Icons
– Posters and Banners
– Brochures
– Identification Card (ID)
– Souvenir Items (T-shirt, Wallet, etc.)
– Social Media Memes

Propedad Logo Design

The logo I’ve designed for the Propedad website is a simple one.  I just added a door before the name and the color of the font as wood because the main business of the...

Bagong Lipunan Logo Design

The logo I’ve designed for Bagong Lipunan website, as requested by the client, shows the Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga Jefferyi) with the Philippine Sun and three golden-yellow stars. The Philippine Eagle is known as “Haribon”...

7107isla Logo Design

Another simple logo I have designed for the 7107isla.  Since the website’s information is more on tourism, I decided to make it for more colorful and chose an artistic font for “isla”. 7107isla website...

Boss Ng Pilipinas Logo Design

A client in the Philippines asked me to design a logo that looks like the seal of the Philippine president.  So this is what I made. UPDATE: BossNgPilipinas website has been launched.

BlackBerry Messenger PIN Exchange Logo Design

The logo of the BlackBerry Messenger PIN Exchange is very simple.  I just used the font of BlackBerry and add one different font for “M” and “X”.  I also added the PING icon which is...

Rakhiis Logo Design

It’s my first time to design a logo with arabic characters.  Since, the website of Rakhiis is buy-and-sell type, I used a shopping cart for letters “iis”.  I also made the dots of “ii”...

KITAMS Logo Design

I’ve designed the logo of KITAMS based on the services the company is offering.  Since it is a Map Service, I used a magnifying glass around the letter “K”.  Red is the color since I...